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Electronic Surveillance, Countermeasures

When possible, less costly and less labor-intensive electronic surveillance measures can be deployed, including the use of GPS Tracking devices. However, the use of these tracking devices will require proof of the client’s ownership of the vehicle before the tracker can be strategically placed on the vehicle. Courts in most jurisdictions now agree that the placement of these trackers on the vehicles of unknowing owners cannot be prosecuted as a crime, but the courts disagree from jurisdiction to jurisdiction over whether the covert placement of the tracker on a vehicle owned by an individual other than the client can be subject to civil sanctions and penalties. Electronic countermeasure are utilized to determine if someone is attempting to eavesdrop or intercept your telephonic and telecommunications transmissions from a remote site, or through devices hidden on your premises. Although this type of illegal monitoring is extremely rare, it still goes on. Our electronic countermeasure team can detect your vulnerabilities and prevent this from happening to you.

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