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Real Estate Investigations

During the latter half of the 1990s, Capitol Inquiry developed a huge caseload in real estate-related investigations and research. In 2001, Capitol Inquiry, Inc. launched CII Title, LLC as a separate but affiliated company to handle this casework, and to expand the business into title abstracting and real estate settlements Capitol Inquiry may be the only investigative firm in the world closely associated with an experienced, full-service title company. Our real estate investigators work hand-in-hand with CII Title researchers to resolve clients’ difficult title problems standing in the way of real estate purchases and the assemblage of properties for lucrative commercial developments. This close association between the two firms provides quick access to experts in interpreting lengthy, detailed land records and complex financial documents recorded against properties. As a result of this shared expertise, Capitol Inquiry’s investigators and researchers are specialist in tracing ownership, deciphering conveyances and locating real estate assets.

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