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Fiancée/Future Spouse Investigations

When a romantically-involved couple announces plans to move in with each other or announces their engagement, family members and friends normally are excited and supportive of this happy occasion. However, there are situations where a relative or a close friend has some justifiable concerns about the fiancée or future spouse. And sometimes, one member of the couple needs to know more before he or she can make such a commitment. Capitol Inquiry’s investigative specialists have experience coordinating complex family investigations within the U.S. and abroad. Our team works closely with family members and friends when investigating the background of fiancées or future spouses. We employ a broad array of investigative tools and an international network of sources and resources to develop a full profile of the subject. If you have questions or anxieties about a potential new partner or member to your inner circle of family and friends, engage Capitol Inquiry to conduct a discreet and thorough background investigation.

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