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Foreclosure Litigation Support

Capitol Inquiry has provided investigative services, skip-tracing and service of process to clients in thousands of court cases to foreclose the rights of redemption on properties. The firm specializes in handling these types of cases, and this work continues to be a significant part of our caseload year after year. Our clients need to have property owners redeem or release their interests in properties to conclude tax sale foreclosures and quiet title actions. These cases are both time-sensitive and detail-sensitive. One missed deadline, or one missed heir or misinterpretation of a land record, can result in a case being dismissed, with no opportunity to re-file. Capitol Inquiry provides a full array of services to these clients, including obtaining the details for the preparation and filing of the litigation, skip-tracing to locate owners and parties of interest, effecting service of process on defendants by our in-house process servers, filing Affidavits of Service with the courts and testifying in court.

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