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Intellectual Property Rights Investigations

Street vendors are passing off counterfeit t-shirts, perfumes, watches, sneakers and other popular items as well-known, name-brand products. More sophisticated counterfeiters are packaging toothpaste, mouthwash and other consumer goods to resemble the packaging for their better-selling competitors, and getting these counterfeit goods placed prominently on grocery and pharmacy shelves. A product is being imported into the U.S. that looks almost identical to your firm’s patent. Competitors are infringing upon your trademark or copyright. Capitol Inquiry’s investigators and research specialists track these infringements and violations, discreetly document these illegal activities through photographic and video surveillance, anonymously purchase samples of counterfeit products and obtain the evidence needed to prove your claim. From the re-packaging operations in rural North Carolina to the back-alley shops of Hong Kong, we have succeeded in documenting these fraudulent practices. Our vast international network and the multi-language skills of our in-house investigators prove invaluable in these types of investigations.

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