Missing Person Investigations

About Missing Persons Investigations

The most critical period in the disappearance of a child or family member is that first day and those first few hours when a loved one is discovered missing. This is also the period when law enforcement agencies hesitate or refuses to get involved because, in the eyes of the law, the missing persons is not considered missing until at least 48 hours after the disappearance has been reported. But these first few hours can mean the difference between finding that person quickly or not at all, and can even mean the difference between life and death. Capitol Inquiry’s team deploys a rapid, all-out response when investigating a missing person’s case. Our investigators and research specialists pursue all leads, conduct interviews with those who last had contact with the missing individual, enlist the support of private organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, help distraught family members cope with the situation and assist law enforcement agents and keep them informed of any new leads. We also help arrange media coverage locally, through the local newspapers and TV and radio stations, and nationally, through programs such as America’s Most Wanted. The same professional research tools, interview techniques and language skills Capitol Inquiry employs successfully each day to locate thousands of witnesses, defendants, debtors, heirs, interested parties, defunct businesses and vanished corporate entities for our legal clients are put to good use in missing persons investigations.

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