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Service of Process (In-House)

service of process (in-house)


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Service of Process (In-House)

Effective and correct Service of Process is the most over-looked and under-valued aspect of litigation. Without proper service upon defendants in a timely manner, your case may get thrown out of court, or a critical defendant may be dismissed from the litigation. Therefore, you want to hire a process service firm that is not known for its volume of business or its low rates but is respected within the legal community and the courthouse for the quality of its service. Capitol Inquiry is that firm. All process service within 50 miles of downtown Washington, D.C. is handled by Capitol Inquiry employees. This reliance on in-house process servers avoids the problems that plague firms which subcontract out their business, use part-time process servers or rely on independent process servers that work on commission and get paid only for successful serves. Our in-house process servers don’t just ring the doorbell and move on. They do whatever it takes to complete service. No one escapes us, although many have tried. And there is no delay in getting Affidavits of Service completed and filed after service has been effected. Capitol Inquiry conducts regular in-house training sessions to keep our process servers abreast of the requirements of each jurisdiction where process service is done, and for each of the different types of legal papers being served. Through our network of qualified and reliable affiliates, we can arrange Service of Process anywhere in the US and overseas.

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