Real Cases

International Business Investigations

A drug manufacturer had spent months and millions of dollars wooing the board members and stockholders of an Eastern European firm it was on the verge of acquiring. At the eleventh hour, an international corporate raider entered the picture, claiming to have bought enough stock to block the deal. Overnight, our client found itself in a bidding war and a public relations battle that threatened to derail its expansion strategy. The client needed detailed information on the corporate raider, and fast, to convince the uncommitted stockholders that the competing bid was financially risky and potentially detrimental to the company being acquired. Within 24 hours, Capitol Inquiry was able to get an investigator on the ground, and soon discovered that the corporate raider had been denied listing on a European stock exchange, and had suspect connections with Russian politicians and questionable money sources. We also confirmed past business practices of acquiring successful companies and then stripping them of their assets. Armed with this information, the stockholders rejected the last-minute bid, and the acquisition proceeded as planned.

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