Real Cases

Domestic and Family

The distraught parents of a teenage girl contacted Capitol Inquiry after their daughter failed to come home from school the day before. The parents had reported this disappearance to law enforcement, but the sheriff’s office in the county where they lived had only one officer assigned to missing persons cases, and he already had nearly 50 reports on his desk that he was investigating. Capitol Inquiry’s investigators quickly determined from the missing girl’s friends that she had left school the day before with an older teenager, reportedly her boyfriend. We then went to the boyfriend’s home, which was vacant, and persuaded the landlord to let our investigator enter the empty apartment. On the floor was a discarded scrap of paper with an address and phone number scrawled on it. Soon, one of our investigators was at the front door of this address in Fredericksburg, VA., where he discovered a group of older teenage boys, including the boyfriend, but no adults. After considerable persuasion, and the investigator’s refusal to leave, the boyfriend retrieved the missing girl from a back bedroom, and she was returned home safely. The boyfriend was going to leave early the next morning for Central America to rejoin his family, and he planned to take the girl with him. Had his plan succeeded, the girl would have been placed in harm’s way, and might never have been found.

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