Real Cases

Suspected Fraudulent / Unlawful Activities

Capitol Inquiry’s client had heard persistent rumors that drug dealing and prostitution were occurring at one or more of its federal contract worksites. The client needed to find out if these rumors were true before the illegal activity put the federal contract in jeopardy. Capitol Inquiry was hired to place an investigator undercover at one of the worksites. But before our investigator went undercover, we asked to review the background checks of all the employees involved. Upon review, we determined that these background investigations had been poorly conducted and were incomplete. Capitol Inquiry conducted new background investigations on 90 employees, and discovered that 16 had prior felony convictions not reported on their initial background checks. A felony conviction disqualified these employees from working on the federal contract. We also discovered six employees had open and ongoing drug criminal prosecutions. Armed with this information, our investigators conducted targeted interviews with suspect employees and quickly identified the ring leaders of the drug and prostitution activities without the need for going undercover.

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