About Surveillances

Surveillance can be an essential investigative tool in determining whether a former employee is violating a non-compete agreement, documenting worker’s comp and insurance fraud, locating assets, finding out if a spouse is cheating, evaluating whether the lifestyle of a parent is suitable for child visitation and shared custody, and obtaining information that can prove crucial to a client’s business activities or the outcome of civil or criminal litigation. Capitol Inquiry’s investigators are skilled in the art and techniques of conducting moving and static surveillance. A successful surveillance operation in the Washington, D.C. area usually requires two surveillance vehicles and more than two surveillance specialists, in the event that an investigator needs to jump out of a vehicle at the last minute to follow the Subject on foot or on public transportation. Planning a surveillance operation requires being ready for such surprises and un-anticipated movements. If the client’s budget does not permit the use of two or more surveillance vehicles and investigators, Capitol Inquiry will consent to using just one vehicle and one surveillance specialist with the client’s full understanding that there is a greater chance of losing the Subject at a red light, or with an un-expected change of lanes and sudden turn that the investigator cannot follow without being detects. The use of multiple vehicles and investigators also permits switching on and off in the pursuit, which lessens the risk of detection.

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