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Suspected Fraudulent/Unlawful Activities

Capitol Inquiry’s clients often get reports or hear rumors that they are being victimized by fraudulent and illegal acts, but they don’t have the facts. Are employees engaging in illegal activities on the job? Is an injured or ill employee out on disability actually working a second job? Is a stranger who befriends an elderly relative doing so to steal the family inheritance? Are the suspicious fires at your commercial businesses really accidents or arson committed by current or former disgruntled employees? Capitol Inquiry’s clients (or their clients) encounter numerous instances when they need to prove that fraud or other illegal activity is occurring. We carefully review the evidence and the situation, and then devise a case strategy to prove or disprove the client’s fears. Our investigative strategy will combine research tools and techniques with surveillance and discreet interviews of targeted individuals to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

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